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Programs for TI89 Calculator


State Space Model Calculator

alt: "Screenshot State Space Model Calculator", w:33

Calculator for state space model heavily used in one of my exams.

Math Abitur

Program collection used in the Math Abitur - Version 7b

Sitting Place Randomizer

Program to assign sitting places for an exam. Every student presses the ENTER key when entering the room and gets a place assigned.


Connected 4

alt: "Screenshot Connected 4", w:50

Play Connected 4 together with a friend!

Secret Hitler - Game Master

Game Master for Secret Hitler card game: assigns rules for all player and allows for party checks.

Game 1024!

alt: "Screenshot 1024!", w:50

Game known from mobile phones: 1024! Squares with same numbers will connect and add up!


alt: "Screenshot Käsekästchen", w:50

Famous German school kid game - Draw lines on a sheet of paper taking turns with your opponent. Whenever you close a square, you will gain a point.

Kniffel / Yahtzee

alt: "Screenshot Kniffel", w:50

Famous game Kniffel or in English Yahtzee implemented on TI89.

Another Life 1

alt: "Screenshot Another Life 1", w:66
First part of my RPG series for TI89 calculator. Simple RPG adventure with randomized fights.

Another Life 2

alt: "Screenshot Another Life 2", w:66

Second part of my RPG series for TI89 calculator. Story is a homage on Ultima 9. You must defeat your enemy DAP, who cursed the whole country RoCountry.

Another Life 3 (unfinished)

alt: "Screenshot Another Life 3", w:66

Third (and best part) of my RPG series for TI89 calculator. Only a short part of the story is finished but the game is playable approximately one hour. New game elements: strategic fights, interaction with multiple objects, extended dialog system, day-and-night cycle...